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What is a chat bot?

What are bots? What are messenger bots?
Why should I care about messenger bots for brands?

We've hand picked a list of topics that are being discussed by experts in the digital space all around bots.






What are bots? How are people using bots? Why should you be using messaging bots?

Chat Bots Explained

Benedict Evans walks us through what chat bots are, and how people can use them. Benedict's works at a16z, a VC firm based in SF.

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Why and how chatbots will dominate social media

There is no doubt this bot-driven social media system is the future.

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Facebook Messenger Platform Guidelines

Facebook explains some of the best ways to make the most out of your messenger bots

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A Marketer's Cheat Sheet For The Messenger Landscape

Forbes explains why a messenger bot should be considered as a replacement to apps.

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Hardwell Team Engineers New Bot to Increase Interaction

Fans are now able to slide into Hardwell’s DMs and get direct responses from his page.

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10 Brands Using Facebook Messenger Bots for Business

Providing examples as to how your brand could also utilize the option in your wider marketing and customer service efforts.

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How one chat bot totally changed my opinion of bots

Millennials do all of their communications in private. Just like they should. Now you can be there and have a dialogue with them.

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4 Products That Show the Future of Music

How can bots be used to increase fans’ feeling of proximity? Can artist bots provide experiences that are valuable enough to monetize?

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Messaging Apps

What are the best messaging apps? Why should I care about messaging apps, when I have my own app, my own facebook page, and my own website.

Teenagers say goodbye to Facebook and hello to messenger apps

Messaging apps promote dynamic real-time chatting with friends.

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Facebook messenger now has 1 billion users

Stuart Dredge tells us about the state of Facebook Messenger and where it's going in the future.

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The Most Popular Messaging App in Every Country

BlackBerry’s BBM is still used by the masses in at least one country in the world: Indonesia.

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How Facebook Messenger clawed its way to 1 billion users

More people are moving away from public into private communication.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., is often deemed as a magical thing done by computers. But what really is it?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

A.I. is defined as the science of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by humans.

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What went so wrong with Microsoft’s Tay A.I.?

Microsoft's A.I. accurately learnt from others on Twitter. Especially their racism and their anti-semitism.

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Chatbots are not as A.I.-driven as you might think (yet)

VentureBeat discusses how most bots wouldn't pass the Turing Test.

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Natural language processing

NLP is a field of artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between computers and human languages.

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Recent Launches

Want to see what kind of bots we've been launching? Here’s a hand picked example of one of our latest chat bots.

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World's #1 DJ, 2 years in a row

Recently we launched a messenger bot for Hardwell, who has over 8 Million likes on Facebook, and was voted Number One DJ in the world by DJ Mag two years in a row.

His bot complements his weekly podcast and builds up an even stronger relationship between him and his fans.

Who's behind this?

Bizbots is brought to you by the same people as AwesomeWall, snowbuddy and many other products over the years. We've worked with a wide range of people including:

My name is Alex.
Before we start, can I ask for your name?
Hi , nice to meet you :) what's the best email to get you on?
Great! Do you mind if I ask what company you work for, or who you are representing today?
Sounds like a match made in heaven! I'm sure we'd love to help you get a bot.
Please can you tell me more about what you might want a bot to do?
Perfect! That's all I need for now, I'll pass your details onto the team, and someone will get in touch via email () as soon as they can :) Enjoy the rest of your day ! - Alex